Are You an Introvert? Here’s How to Network Effectively

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Do you want to avoid small talk or prefer to “be in the background” during social events? You’re likely an introvert—and that’s okay. You’re not alone. Estimates believe that at least 25% of the population is like you.

Parties and occasions with big crowds are draining. You prefer to spend lots of alone time and keep a tight circle of friends and family. These characteristics, though, can be daunting for those who own businesses or want to grow professionally. They think these attributes hinder them from networking effectively.

Who you are must not stop you from associating with others and even influencing people. You can implement many strategies to achieve your goal:

1. Get Your Business Cards Ready

Letterpress business cards are an excellent tool for introverts, especially during networking events. They help you limit the small talk by handing out the card and redirecting them to your site (or portfolio) if they’re interested in what you do. Choosing letterpress printing also works to your advantage. It creates a more polished, business-like feel to your card. It highlights your name well, and it stands out easily from other designs. Note: Trade business cards with them. You can use them for tip #2.

2. Shoot Them an Email

As an introvert, you prefer texts over surprise calls and emails over Skype. You can gather your thoughts properly, fact-check your response, and control your emotions and stimulation. To get your networking ball rolling, send the people you met during the event an email. The business card you received from them must have one.

In your mail, you can talk about:

  • Your feelings, such as how you appreciate them taking the time to speak to you or how you admire what they do
  • Your work, experience, and expertise
  • Desire, which may be a collaboration, business partnership, or advertising

From this, hopefully, you can get to know each other better until you’re ready to talk to them longer.

3. Meet Them One by One

You can use your strengths for networking. You are likely to be a passionate talker, especially if it’s a subject you like. You might also be an excellent listener, allowing you to communicate more clearly. Most of all, you do well in one-on-one meetings.

These meetups can be better than networking events:

  • You can discuss topics more openly, especially those you cannot talk about in the email.
  • Both of you can provide more meaningful, honest feedback.
  • These meetings increase your level of engagement.
  • They make the other person feel special and important.

4. Use the Internet

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For introverts like you, the Internet is your best friend. It also gives you a lot of tools for communicating and showing off what you can do:

  • Build a website and upload your portfolio. It can include articles, case studies, photos, and videos.
  • Create a blog, which helps boost your credibility. Don’t forget to open your comments section so that you can interact with your readers.
  • Be active in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These websites are also great places to network.
  • Make a YouTube channel and showcase your talent. If you’re a retailer, talk about the products you’re selling.

Being an introvert is a gift, especially when you know how to maximize your strengths. It will help you build stronger, deeper, and more meaningful professional relationships.

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