Why You Shouldn’t Cut out Brochures and Pamphlets Yet

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When it comes to marketing strategies, most businesses today focus on the digital aspect of marketing and advertising that they often forget how powerful traditional approaches still are. 

Today, it is completely understandable if businesses choose to pay more attention to digital marketing strategies. After all, consumers expect your business to be fully available online. Therefore, printed marketing materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and other handouts are normally overlooked right now. However, what if we tell you there is power in written content on paper? The way no social media post or blog post can match?

If you are running a business and looking for ways to reach more audiences, here is why you shouldn’t cut brochures and pamphlets out of your sales initiatives.

Printed Marketing Materials are More Memorable

Do you know how your old parents keep countless brochures, cards, and promo materials at home? It is as if they were keeping them for future use because they are indeed keeping them as references. Some people tend to throw brochures away, but some keep them in their drawers. Those brochures detail your services and products, awaiting that day when your clients will need to call you. It is better than email marketing efforts that are only strategic with the right and compelling copies.

It is safe to say that only a few people open their promotions email tab to check out the latest personalized offers. Meanwhile, people who keep brochures have higher chances of contacting you in the future, as there is already the idea and need in their minds the moment they pin it on their boards.

The Call-to-action Is Effective

Traditional printed materials are what inspired today’s digital advertisements. From social media posts to Google Adwords, the standard design and content are all based on traditional marketing materials such as posters, billboards, and brochures. Sure, the dimensions of social media posts made it impossible to fit every detail a brochure has in one publishing material, but that is where captions come in. Meanwhile, brochures do not have the “Read More” option.

Everything the customer and client should know about is already there, which drives clients to continue reading or skimming until they see the important promo details with the call-to-action. Why? Because there is no option to scroll down or click “Skip Ad”, therefore makes it a more effective call-to-action material than digital ads.

It Is Cost-effective

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Nowadays, you need to boost your social media campaigns and online ads more if you want to reach a wider and larger audience. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have business packages to help online businesses to do so. While that is ideal for tapping into the larger consumer market, brochures and pamphlets are still cheaper than online ads. If you only know where to go to maximize the traditional marketing strategy, it will do wonders for you and your business.

Ideal places to hand out brochures are not simply malls or sidewalks. You ought to go where there is a specific need. Do not simply ask your sales team to hand them out on mall entrances; think outside the box. For example, you have car washing services. So where do you think is best to hand out promotional materials? Well, you can start with people at a ceramic car coating shop. Sure, they are getting new window tint and body paint, but what do you think they would need next? Car washing services. It is all about knowing where and which people will need your products and services. 

When you hand out your promotional materials around these areas, you have a higher chance of converting leads than randomly giving them out by the escalator because you need to get rid of them all. Think about it.

You Can Help the Environment, Too

Have you ever thought about the number of miscellaneous papers you have in the office? Before you discard them and throw them into the shredder, think about what you can do with them. Yes, you can repurpose them into marketing and sales material. It also does not end with brochures and pamphlets. You can also produce posters and calling cards for your whole team with all the papers you are not using. This way, you are not only improving your overall marketing strategy, but you are also helping the environment.

Brochures and pamphlets may sound outdated, but traditional marketing still has power. After all, these strategies are what made today’s digital transformation. Google pages are today’s Yellow Book, and online ads are today’s TV commercials. That is why no business should ever cut out traditional marketing and advertising strategies just yet.

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