Building Trust Among Southeast Asian Consumers through Your Website

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Consumers across Southeast Asia are going online at a rapid rate. Thanks to affordable smartphones and an Internet connection, more people get to access the Web and utilize digital services.

There is now a greater pressure for organizations of all sizes to build a strong presence online. Back then, businesses could survive having only a brick-and-mortar store if they wanted to grow and survive.

Although much of the attention in the digital world is focused on social media, especially in marketing, websites remain a necessary tool for organizations. A website increases visibility. When a potential customer is looking for a product or service online, they use a search engine and peruse relevant links.

Moreover, a website can build credibility

Building Trust Among Worried Consumers

The internet is already filled with cybercriminals. In Southeast Asia, scams are a bigger problem. On average, one study reveals that 1.6 percent of revenue made online is lost to fraud online. Moreover, three countries — Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia — are at a greater fraud of risk compared to other markets.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Southeast Asian consumers are wary of online transactions. A survey conducted in Singapore by PayPal found that 57 percent of online shoppers worry that their financial information will be stolen by cybercriminals, 20 percent are scared that their credit card details will be shared to unknown websites without them knowing, and 11 percent get anxious over the thought that their purchases will not be delivered to them.

Similarly, in Indonesia, which has the largest e-commerce market in the region, 34 percent of online shoppers revealed that they are afraid of fraud.

In addition, eight out of 10 ASEAN nations — including Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand — are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Consumers understandably prefer not to give their personal information online.

How Websites Bolster Credibility

web design

Convincing the public to trust a business, especially one new to the market, will be a challenge. Trust among consumers is built through time via a string of successful and satisfactory transactions.

However,  a website can increase credibility before a business garners a good history.

Still, having a website alone is not enough. The business needs to build credibility into the site itself by making it safe and secure for consumers to use. Moreover, it has to be easy to navigate. It is good to hire a web design agency to develop a site that looks good, adaptive to different screen sizes, and trustworthy.

Aside from the design, the business should also be careful with content. Bad spelling and grammar will turn consumers away because it is one factor they are taught to look for to identify fraud online.

Details about the business, including the address, contact information, and even certain staff members, should be available on the website. A quick history, vision or mission, and motto should be there, too.

Most importantly, be honest. All businesses seek to ‘change the world’ or ‘improve the lives of their consumers with their products and services. All businesses will claim that their products and services are superior to those of their competitors. These grand pronouncements do nothing. It can even make the customer feel pressured to make a purchase.

Instead, be truthful, especially about your products and services. Exaggerated claims raise the expectations of the buyer. If it turns out to be something else, they may feel frustrated and lied to. You can, for example, that the product is long-lasting and has been tested to withstand falls from a certain height. However, do not declare it to be the most sturdy product in history. You will have customers posting about broken products to prove you wrong.

Consumers Purchase from Trusted Brands

Trust is important because it leads to sales. If a customer doubts the authenticity of a business, they are unlikely to push through with the purchase.

As proof, one study from 2017 revealed that most consumers (79 percent of consumers) said that the brand has to build a trusting relationship with them before they consider making a purchase. New businesses that are entering a foreign market, especially, need to create trust among consumers to make their first sale.

Southeast Asia is experiencing an e-commerce boom. However, consumers remain skeptical about online transactions as internet fraud continues to be widespread across the region. Businesses need to build credibility to gain the trust of Southeast Asians, and one effective way to do it is to develop a website.

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