Check Out the Stupidest Tweets in Social Media History

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Stupidity is not a crime. It’s just embarrassing, and so even if someone used a web capture application or software to take a screenshot of the dumb things you posted on your Facebook page or Twitter account you won’t get any jail time. You will look ridiculous, though.

Fortunately, there are other people who rank lower on the IQ ladder when they posted these messages on their Twitter account:


This lady might have been confused about the meaning of certain words when she posted a message on her Twitter account regarding her preference of wanting a girl for her first baby. In her Twitter account, this lady actually said, “I want my first daughter to be a girl.”

Try figuring out what she means by that.

John Joven


This person had the right intention but the wrong organ. He was trying to quit smoking because he realized that it was bad for his health. But when he specified which part of his organs would suffer the most if he continued smoking, that’s when he displayed a total lack of knowledge about his body and the effects of smoking.

On his Twitter account, John Joven wrote, “Gonna stop smoking for a week. Feel bad for my liver :S” Hopefully, one of his friends taught him more about human anatomy. Or maybe a scientist someday will discover that smoking can affect the liver as well.


This woman misunderstood the meaning of murder charges when she tweeted something about George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Twitter user Lexxi_Cheree read in a report that George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd-degree murder, but she completely misunderstood the meaning of that statement.

When Lexxi_Cheree went to Twitter to vent her shock, she asked that if George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd-degree murder who was the first person he killed? Clearly, this woman needs a crash course on legal statements and their meanings.

Pretty Boy

Some people often mistake a word for something else all because it sounds like that other word. For example, some people switch “TO” with “TOO” or even “TWO." There is no distinction to how all of those words sound, so it’s quite easy to use one over the other erroneously.

But, when you use a word that sounds nothing like the word you’re supposed to use, then the joke’s on you. That is what happened to this guy who successfully baked some pastries, and he wanted to share his accomplishment online.

He even took a picture of his cinnamon rolls, which he showed on his Twitter account. But when he wrote the word “cinnamon,” he used the word “synonym” instead. Perhaps, Twitter should step in next time and auto-correct any misspelt words.


This lady could have been too excited about giving birth to twins that she totally lost all comprehension of how pregnancy works. The Twitter user took to her account to ask her friends about the length of time a pregnant woman would have to wait before giving birth to a baby.

But since she was having twins, she must’ve thought that it would take twice the usual time. So she asked her friends if it would take her 18 months before her twin babies would come out of her womb. Hopefully, someone told her the right time.

So, these are just some of the dumbest but funny tweets you’ll find online. These people may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but thankfully their tweets can make anyone laugh out loud.

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