Home Rustic Home: The 7 Secrets to a Great Rustic Abode

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Making your home feel rustic doesn’t have to be hard or predictable. With the right design element and features, transform your home into a rustic abode.

Rustic home design isn’t just about bringing together vintage furniture and wooden elements into one space. It’s about making your home feel warmer and charming, with a more countryside feel home, by choosing the right design elements. So if you want to have a rustic interior design for your abode, be sure to take the following into close consideration:

Add wooden features

Wood is an important feature of the rustic design. By integrating more wooden elements to your home, you can create a vintage but homey atmosphere. Good antique fireplace mantels, for example, can instantly transform your living room and make it more feel like you’re in the countryside. Wooden beams and cabinets can also add a rustic touch to your living space.

Contrast with stone accents

It’s not all about wood, however. You can also create contrast by adding stone accents and elements. The wood and stone combination adds an interesting effect and will keep your home feeling too monotonous. This means you can also experiment with different textures and see which wood-stonework combination fits more to your liking.

Look for the right curtains

People often don’t put extra effort when shopping for curtains. They are however great additional decorative elements and can give interiors that aesthetic touch. Apart from providing privacy, curtains can be your “centerpiece,” so make sure to choose a pattern that will complement the rustic theme of your home.

Go for “natural” art

Don’t forget also to add landscape paintings or murals of forest animals. This “natural” art can act as “windows” and help create a more believable rustic home. You can also put faux antler mounts for that log cabin home feel.

Put up nature-inspired wallpaper

If you don’t have that much nature art pieces at hand, you can always go for a nature-inspired wallpaper. It gives a rugged, country-side vibe and also let you tie all the interior elements together. It serves as the canvas for all your design elements and at the same time gives you more room to move around.

Put more greenery

Greenery can also make your home feel more rustic and add a bit more of earth tones to the interior. Houseplants in strategic corners of your home can drastically improve the look and feel of the space, but can also add a visual break from all prevailing wooden and stone palette. Succulents can also make great accents and tabletop features.

Consider the light fixture

kitchen with chairs and cozy lightsLastly, choose a lighting fixture that has a dark or bronzed finish. The contrast of the finish of the fixture and the illumination they provide can make for a dramatic change in mood and feel of your home. You can see also big and choose the large chandeliers for your living room. They can draw your eyes to the space overhead and make the interiors feel larger and more spacious.

Making your home feel a bit more rustic and homey doesn’t have to be difficult or predictable. With a bit of planning and experimenting, you can create that warm and cozy ambiance only a rustic home can bring.

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