Things that Every PC Gamer Should Know

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Are you switching from your old console to a new gaming computer? If you’re new to the world of PC gaming, it can be daunting to determine which custom laptop or desktop is right for you and decide which accessories will complete your build. But while matters such as the build and your PC’s specs are crucial to your overall gaming experience, there are other things you need to learn to go from a clueless beginner to a power player in no time.

Ease into the Experience

One of the advantages of computers is the plethora of tweaks you can do to maximize your build’s performance. But while many gamers rush to customize their PC, it’s not the best thing to do if you’re a newbie.

Ease into the experience by defining your gaming goals first. Are you more of a puzzle player or a battlefield brute? Do you need high-definition graphics, or do you prefer an average screen with a high refresh rate? Be familiar with your current PC’s RAM, processor, graphics card, and other components before you shell out hundreds of bucks to upgrade.

Know Where to Download Games

Once your PC is all built and set, it’s time to download games. For newbies, the gaming community highly recommends Steam. With its massive library, seasonal sales, and a solid following of gamers of all skill levels, it’s considered the ultimate online gaming platform. If you want to explore other storefronts, you can always check out Amazon, Good Old Games, Green Man Gaming, Origin, Xbox, and GameStop. If you’re looking for excellent deals and bundles, always visit Humble Bundle,, or this Reddit forum.

Connect with Your Fellow Gamers

Apart from making new friends, connecting with your fellow gamers will allow you to access guides and resources you might otherwise miss out on. You can join communities in Steam, connect with friends on your social media, check out message boards, or join gaming-related forums. These people will answer your questions as a newbie and make you feel more welcome in the PC gaming world.

If you’re serious about being a professional gamer, it’s a must that you attend meetups in real life to get to know your potential competitors or pick up your future teammates. One of the biggest gaming conventions is TwitchCon, so you might want to start there.

Tweak Your In-game Settings

For starters, play around with your in-game settings to alter your graphics. When you reach the point that you want to take your gaming experience to a whole new level, you can try installing mods created by gamer programmers. There are various mods for different applications, like brightness enhancement and menu improvement. You can even install mods to add new missions and features to your favorite games.

Keep Your PC Clean

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Dust on your monitor won’t affect your viewing experience, but dust on other components will kill your PC and put your thousand bucks to waste. Stock up on canned air and clean your unit regularly to prevent dust buildup. It’s also good to invest in an all-in-one liquid cooling systems to keep your hardware components running cool. Lastly, make it a habit to keep your OS and drivers up to date to make the most out of your computer.

Finally, Feel Free to Customize Your PC

When it comes to customizing your PC, there’s no rule or limit as to which accessories or gaming peripherals you should buy. Because you’re a beginner, it’s good to buy a custom laptop built by gamers themselves and then add peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, and headset. Don’t forget to buy an ergonomic gaming chair to ensure your total comfort, especially if you plan on spending long hours in front of your computer.

Now that you’ve learned these proven strategies, it’s time to put that computer to use and get into the gaming groove.

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