What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

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If you’re a marketing manager and looking for a way to market your business, pay-per-click advertising may be what you’re looking for. In this YouTube video, the viewer learns about this lucrative advertising method and how it works. With pay-per-click advertising, your company will pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads. This method makes it vital for your company to have an excellent, user-friendly website that makes it easy and inviting for someone to purchase.

Competition is inevitable in today’s business arena, so the challenge of this advertising method begins with the words used in your website description. People searching for a business will most frequently use Google or Facebook.

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To search, they type words describing what they are looking for. While it may seem simple to choose the right words from a pay per click advertising management company, the most popular keywords are in such demand that advertisers must bid on them.

For example, if you own a hat sales website, you’ll likely want to use “buy hats” or “best hats” as your keywords. But, so does every other hat sales company. So, those valuable terms must be bid on. Bidding opportunities are held, and the keywords placed in your content will be strategically planned according to the results of the bidding contest.


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