Baby Steps: Establishing an Online Presence for Your Business

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You have noticed the drastic changes that the information age has done to the economic space. It has changed the game for a lot of people, and it has affected commerce greatly. Many companies that have physical stores have reduced their branches and switched over to online operations partially or completely. The number of people who spend time on the internet is undeniable, and you will miss out on a lot of potential customers if you ignore this fact. If they are used to going to the local warehouse store where they buy cleaning rags in bulk, they can now do that with a few clicks when they order online.

The world is still a place where physical and virtual stores can co-exist. But if you have a business and you want to have an online presence, here are some steps you can take to establish that.

Guerrilla Marketing

Traditional marketing involves getting your brand into print, broadcast, and other forms of traditional media. Guerrilla marketing is something that is borne out of creativity. It practically makes any place or object as a canvas for an advertisement. Just go outside and you will notice a lot of examples of this method. Public vehicles such as taxis and buses can have head-turning images or messages plastered all over their exteriors. Park benches could also be treated the same way, and this leads to people doing a double-take and taking a closer look at the ad before they sit down. There are also temporary life-like sculptures placed on sidewalks or the building walls that make heads turn better than the usual billboards.

Given that your company already has its own social media handles, putting that into these creative advertisements shows people that you can be reached even through non-traditional means. There are still people out there who consider online as an alternative avenue for doing business, and this will give them a new perspective on that front.

Multimedia Content

All the marketing efforts that you do should result in a growing audience. And to keep their attention glued to your business, you need to give them something to chew on. Creating multimedia content is something you should not balk at, as there is a great deal of work that happens behind it. Some of the stuff you can bring out to the online world are videos, written articles, and interactive web page elements. If you keep people satiated with your offerings, there is less chance of them looking at the offerings of the competition.

Phones and laptopsStorefront

There are social media sites that offer to give you your own storefront page for free. This would be a great start for those smaller-scale businesses that are run by a handful of key people. It provides you all the features and structure you need, but the design is not customizable. You are pretty much stuck with the overall look of the parent site.

If you are willing to spend, you can get your own domain. You are free to make it look however you want, but you also would need to put in the work to build it from the ground up. There are services out there that provide website design templates that reduce the amount of effort greatly, but you would have to pay for that too. Whatever path you take, the important thing is for you to have a place where people can view and order your products or services.

It is pretty much a must for businesses these days to have an online presence. There are millions of people there who could be interested in what your brand does or offers. Dipping your feet into that space is something you have to do sooner rather than later if you want to capture their attention.

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