Beyond Manicured Gardens: Why Lawns are Important

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Maintaining a lawn can be tough work. There are many factors to consider, especially those that can affect the growth of your turf, like temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Sometimes, it can be tiresome to do all the work needed to get your lawn looking beautiful. After all, isn’t a lawn just there for aesthetic purposes?

A lawn, however, isn’t only there to beautify your home. Although it does make your home look more appealing, maintaining a lawn has a lot of other benefits, too. People who maintain lawns are probably aware of these benefits and don’t put in all that effort just to have a nice-looking front yard. Haven’t you noticed that despite the lawn care startup costs, many people still choose to invest in this industry? Also, many homeowners continue to spend time, money, and hard work in maintaining their lawns.

Here are the benefits of having a well-kept lawn in your home:

  1. Lawns improve the air quality

Lawns are mainly composed of turfgrass, which is also considered a plant. Plants help improve the quality of air by using up the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create more oxygen. Turfgrass may not look like it has a valuable contribution to improving the quality of air in the environment. It helps trap dust and other harmful airborne particles in your front yard.

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  1. Lawns keep things cooler

What most people tend to overlook about lawns is that it has the capacities of other plants. Through the process of evapotranspiration, turfgrass has the power to reduce the temperature of its surroundings. During the summer, when everything is too hot and humid, having a lawn will provide you with a space that’s 10 to 14 degrees cooler than asphalt. Turfgrass areas are also cooler than gardens with just soil.

With a clean, healthy lawn, you have the perfect place to spend a sunny summer afternoon with the family. Installing sprinklers can help you with watering of your lawn and giving your kids something to play with when it’s simply too hot to play indoors.

  1. Lawns help with stress

Imagine coming home from a tiring day of work. You were stuck in traffic for a few hours going to and coming back from your office, you had a mountain of work to go through, and you couldn’t have a decent cup of coffee because the coffee machine at the office was broken.

What kind of view would you prefer to have at home as you unwind? Views of building, pollution, or even more traffic won’t put your mind at ease but an expanse of green will.

Studies have shown that people exposed to more green spaces or plants had lower levels of stress. If you work from home, having a lawn instead of a paved yard can help you become more productive. The color green can also soothe eye strain if you’re someone who works in front of the computer screen most of the time.

If you’re still not convinced about getting a lawn for your home, then maybe looking into the benefits will help you decide. Maintaining a garden is hard work, but with the numerous benefits it brings, the hard work you put won’t go to waste.

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