Post-Pandemic Entrepreneurship: Business Ideas in 2021 and Beyond

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The COVID-19 pandemic may have crashed the economy, but it also brought forth many new trends in business. E-commerce, for one, experienced a boom amid the nationwide lockdowns. As such, many people became inspired to start their own online businesses. Many interesting businesses popped up from homemade baked goods to disinfecting services.

Since the pandemic proved the importance of having another source of income, we can expect more startups to rise from this year onward. In case a pandemic happens again in this lifetime, a business will save our lives and keep the economy moving. Luckily, many startup ideas don’t require a background in business to plan and operate.

That said, here are some great business ideas for the post-pandemic era:

1. Food Delivery

Food deliveries thrived during the pandemic. But since many consumers have become more health-conscious because of the COVID-19 threat, they’re no longer looking for fast food and pizza. Instead, they may prefer organic food, especially produce.

You can grow your own produce then sell them or start an organic food brand with imported produce. Importing may be more feasible for your business in the long run since the United States isn’t a big organic food producer. For reference, India is the largest organic producer in the world (as of 2018), followed by Uganda and Ethiopia. Mexico is a large producer as well, so consider sourcing your products there to save on shipping costs.

2. Home Improvement

Home improvement is another industry that boomed during the pandemic. As people spent more time at home than ever, as well as lost access to non-essential services like plumbers and gardeners, they embarked on DIY home improvements. Those with bigger budgets splurged on full-scale bathroom and kitchen remodeling as soon as the restrictions were lifted. This trend caused dramatic growth among hardware stores and suppliers. The online traffic of the home and garden category grew as well, rising to 140%.

The home improvement products or services you can offer are almost unlimited. If you have low capital, you can start with inexpensive stuff like organizers or DIY “life hack” tools. Professional cleaning services would work, too. If you have more budget and business experience, you may consider franchising a home improvement service. A reputable lawn care franchise, for example, might suit you. You can target a high-income market with branded services to offer. Just ensure that you’re located near a neighborhood that has demand for your services so that your market can access them easily.

3. Eco-friendly Products and Services

eco-friendly products

The environment is another major global concern that more corporations and consumers should address. Therefore, you can start a small eco-friendly business to contribute to worldwide efforts. Some starter-friendly ideas are garden planning, composting, green cleaning, and air duct cleaning services. For products, you can sell recycled or secondhand items, such as used books or upcycled gifts.

If traveling is your passion, consider offering eco-friendly travel planning services. Since traveling leaves a lot of carbon footprint, switching to green traveling methods will make a big difference. However, you don’t have to invest in a solar-powered vehicle yet. You can start by taking tourists to conserved natural locations. That simple act can persuade tourists to start caring for the planer more. Starting an environmentally friendly blog can have the same effect, especially if you post unknown facts about nature, pollution, and the like.

4. Tech Services

The pandemic made people more immersed in technology than ever. Video streaming was their cure to boredom when there was nothing to do in the house. Of course, their phones and computers also served as their gateway to stores and home services.

The increasing dependency on technology can open an opportunity for a small tech service business. You can repair phones, TVs, computers, or gaming consoles. Gadget cleaning may be worth considering as well. If you want to target a more specific niche, such as content creators, for example, you can offer a drone rental service to help them produce more engaging videos.

5. Remote Fitness

If your personal training services got disrupted by the pandemic, the best way to adapt is to offer remote services. If you’ve already done that, don’t stop when the pandemic is over. The fear of getting sick may linger in society for a few more years, making them hesitant to go to the gym. Hence, continue marketing your remote fitness classes, and encourage more people to stay fit and healthy even without a pandemic.

These business ideas have the potential to grow fast since they follow trends and provide consumers with what they need, not just what they want. Start planning your excellent business now, and spend the rest of the year with a profitable venture.

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