Do You Hate Mess? Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Spotless

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Like many new homeowners, you’d like to keep your place clean and mess-free. As much as possible, you’d want to keep it looking like the first day you moved in. But with a growing family, that’s almost impossible to achieve. You’re always on the lookout for things that other family members left behind, be it used clothes, toys, or worse, half-eaten food. It can be nerve-wracking at first, seeing that you’re the only one paying attention to keeping the house clean. You’ve thought about hiring a maid or a housekeeper to keep everything in check. But for a growing family, you’d know your money can go somewhere better.

Eventually, you’ll develop a system in order to keep your house tidy. You’ll be able to cope with your family’s habits and quirks, and you’ll know when and where to spot their messes. To help your cause, here are some practical tips that you can follow to keep your house clean.

Containers for Everything

The key to keeping your home spotless, or at least making it feel like one, is to keep everything you’d consider a mess out of sight. That only means having containers for everything: storage bins for toys, laundry baskets for every family member, stackable boxes for shoes, and more. These ones are the usual culprit in making your home look messy. Just a few clothes on the floor in the bedroom can really get your blood boiling. You don’t want to follow around your family members to make sure they don’t leave their shoes in places they can’t remember.

However, having containers for just about everything won’t be effective if not all family members pitch in. It would help if you got them on board with storing things after using the. The simple act of putting their used clothes in the bin can be a great relief. Teach your kids to keep their toys after every use. You won’t feel like a parent before stepping on your first Lego brick.

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Clean Cloth within Arms Reach

One tip that really works wonders for those who want to keep their house mess-free is to have a cleaning cloth within arms reach at all times. Keep a few pieces of extra-absorbent towels at strategic locations inside the house. If your child accidentally spills a drink while watching TV in the living room, you won’t have to run to the kitchen and risk it spreading to other things. Just grab the cloth from your secret hiding place and wipe the mess off like it never happened. You’d be mad about what happened, but since you’re prepared for it, you won’t have to deal with other items getting soaked, and everyone can go back to watching TV.

Garbage Bins at the Ready

Just like having absorbent towels at almost every room in the house, it also helps to have garbage bins at strategic places. You don’t have to put one in every room, but it definitely helps if your family won’t have to go to the kitchen area to dispose of their trash. Knowing that a trash bin is near, they won’t be tempted to leave their trash anywhere they like. This keeps their areas tidy, and you won’t have to worry about pest infestations from food waste.

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