First-Time Buyer FAQ: How Many Homes Should You See Before Buying?

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One thing people would want to know when buying their first home is just how many properties they should visit before making the actual purchase. The reason people ask this is one, they want to make sure that their decision is right, that they can get the best deal in the market, and two, which is obvious, they assume that one isn’t enough. You’re already shopping in the market, might as well see the many options you have, right? So, what’s the magic number? At what point do you stop seeing houses?

No Ideal Number

The simple truth is that there’s no magic number. There’s no minimum. In fact, a lot of real estate agents would advise making an offer for the first home you visit, provided that it accommodates all your needs in the checklist. You see, you risk losing a good home to another buyer in the market when you don’t make the offer early on.

In the same manner, though, there’s no maximum, either. You can visit as many properties as you’d like (and as your energy, money, and car gas would permit). But if you find yourself still hunting for a home after seeing 30, 40 houses in a month, perhaps it’s time to rethink what exactly you’ve been looking for. You might be expecting the ‘perfect’ house that’s a carbon copy of the HGTV properties you see online and on TV. In that case, you may have to tweak your expectations and make it more realistic.

What’s More Important

If you would notice, on either side of the situation mentioned, it’s not the number that matters, but actually the checklist you’re holding. Your needs and wants would dictate your move. When they’re ticked off, then it’s time to make the offer. When one or two non-negotiables aren’t present, then move to the next potential house. When it’s a want that’s lacking in the property, then weigh if it’s worth the compromise. When you don’t see what’s on your list in real life, there’s a good chance you have unrealistic expectations. Your checklist is your ‘bible’ in your home buying. That said, if you’re not yet set on it, before hitting the market, discuss it with your spouse.

A word of caution when listing down your needs and wants. Don’t justify the wants as needs. Remember, the needs consist of only the basics of living: square footage, number of rooms, location, the kind of neighborhood, and of course, the budget. Beyond these, they’re wants. Take special note of the item mentioned last in your needs: the budget. This alone can save you from a great deal of headache weighing whether you should see more houses in the neighborhood or settle already. Because once you know your ‘worth’, you can objectively consider or let go of properties you see. If you haven’t pinned down how much house you can afford yet, check out the current mortgages Utah companies provide and compare rates.

Home Buying Preps

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Again, there’s no magic number that would dictate how many homes you should see before buying. It’s all up to your needs and wants a checklist. If you haven’t done your assignment yet, better do it right before you plunge into the property market.

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