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Writers always want to see their work in print. Though it is possible to use publishing services or to self-publish, authors desire to work with big publishers. There are many hurdles to overcome, though. If you want your work to be published, here are some tips:

Understand the Path to Publication

Publishing companies are not monolithic entities. You have to understand how they work before you can attempt to get yourself published. The main thing to remember is that book publication has different paths depending on what you are writing.

Fictional works must be completed before you can submit them to a publisher. This is when the editors take a look at them and start working with the writer on potential rewrites and changes. Non-fiction works differently. Unless you are writing memoirs, most non-fiction texts begin with a proposal on what the writer wants to write about. The publisher can either accept or reject the proposal. An acceptance usually means a monetary advance and a contract. Editing is generally done while the book is being written.

Look at Your Work

Before sending it, you’ll need to evaluate your work. For one, you need to determine what genre is it exactly. This will determine which publishers can accept your book. If a publisher is known for marketing the sort of work you have in your hands, then there is a good chance that they will pick it up.

A final evaluation will also give you an idea of how you can pitch the book. Publishers don’t just dive into a book. They read the cover letter for it first, and this is where your pitch comes in. It needs to hook your publisher. If you can’t make a simple hook like a movie similarity or something like that, then your book is probably a bit too complicated.

Your evaluation will also be your chance to do some corrections and final editing. Remember that you want your initial readers to be impressed by your work.

To Agent or Not to Agent

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The big question that many people have is whether you need an agent. For big publishers, they will not accept anything not submitted by an agent. If that is your target, then an agent is necessary. There are small and medium publishers that do accept submissions, but they are pretty few. This is why an agent will be essential if you want that publishing contract.

Agents get a commission from every work that you get published, so agents are also on the lookout for writers. However, not all agents can be good for you. You’ll need to look around for an agent who believes in your work.

Be Open to Feedback

Agents and publishers will be more critical of your work than you can be. Remember that these people want your book to be profitable. Try to listen to their advice so that you can create something that will end up on bookshelves.

Seeing your work published is a great achievement, whether it is a physical one or an e-book. With the tips above, your book has a chance of making it. If you don’t succeed, though, don’t give up. Explore other options beyond traditional publishing to see your book in print.

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