How Technology Has Helped Artists and Creators

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A lot of people seem to put the arts and tech industry against each other, but the two couldn’t be more connected. There is art involved in technology, and technology has definitely helped expand the art world. In fact, it has made it more accessible and easier to find careers in art.

Many of the artists today probably would continue what they are doing if not for modern technology. Here are examples of how it has boosted the art community.

Easier to learn

If you have spent most of your life longing to learn the arts, it is now a lot easier to rediscover this hobby. Technology has made it easier for beginners to develop their skills and learn something new. You can research different techniques and take notes from professionals that are already in the industry. All it takes is a quick Google search.

One of the best things that the Internet has done for the art community is to bring everyone together. From writers to painters, there are communities everywhere that let you ask questions and get tips. Many expert artists get involved in these communities as well, so they try to help out those that are just starting out. Many create YouTube tutorials and videos for novices.

Aside from the skills themselves, there are separate communities for certain software as well. For those that want to do digital art, every application has its own support group. This is especially true for popular ones such as Photoshop, Krita, and Procreate.

More published works

Back in the day, published works were only considered as those in museums or actual books. There were only a handful of people that can really publish their works, and it often comes with a lot of costs. Today, even casual hobbyists can publish their work for people to see. The Internet has multiple platforms for all branches of the arts.

Studies found that every month, 70 million new blog posts appear in WordPress alone. If you want to post their stories or artworks, you can easily do so now without having to spend anything. You can even collaborate with others to create something else. For instance, many authors work alongside artists to make self-publishing children’s books, doujinshi, and all forms of comics.

What’s even better is that you can hide under a pen name if you are too shy to show your real name. Technology made all forms of art possible now, and they have even elevated it to create new mediums such as podcasts and interactive stories.

Increased work opportunities

Something that the art community has greatly benefited from technology is the work opportunities. Gone are the days when people say there is no money in the arts. In fact, digital marketing has been on the rise recently because of the pandemic, and some of the most in-demand jobs today include content creation and graphic artists. A greater appreciation for video ads is also on the rise because it has proven to be more effective than traditional static advertisements.

Technology has made it easier for even casual artists to make a profit. You can find many fans looking to commission an artist to create fan art for them. Many have even taken their art a step further and made merchandise, such as key chains and stickers, to sell online. Those with handicraft skills are getting a huge advantage as well with special-made toys and such.

All this can be done and managed by a single person, so even a teenager can get extra income through online selling. Their skill and knowledge on social media definitely put them at an advantage as well.

Broaden audiences

Related to the previous point, technology has allowed people’s artworks to be showcased to a wider audience. Millions of people use the Internet, so it’s not difficult to have your art shared with thousands. If you want to make a statement or become famous as an artist, it will be easier to do so now.

Aside from this, your art and stories can also catch the attention of those in other countries. This can increase your opportunities to get discovered by companies or professionals in the industry. It will undoubtedly take some time, as with all things, but sometimes it can only take one good piece to gain you the followers you need. Keep consistently working on your craft, and the results will speak for themselves.

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