Increase the Appeal of Your Commercial Property with Landscape Maintenance

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It’s no secret that businesses are often judged because of their physical appearance, especially since this is what most customers can see at first glance. From your clothing choices to your office space, even your landscaping can affect how customers and potential clients perceive you.

Hiring professionals for full landscape maintenance can be expensive, so business owners must know what needs to be taken care of regularly to keep things looking great. Besides, it’s much more practical to avoid full-service landscapers and do-it-yourself when you know exactly what needs to be done.

Running a successful business isn’t just about your digital marketing strategies and profit-generating ideas; it’s also about making a great first impression on your customers. So don’t allow the curb appeal of your business to decline.

You can do many things without spending a fortune on making your business look well-maintained and inviting. That said, here are five ways you can save money on landscape maintenance and improve the overall appearance of your commercial property:

1. Cultivate the lawn through healthy practices

Regular cutting of your lawn makes it look better by developing a thicker turf with more roots to retain water and nutrients better. A thick, lush lawn is an inviting asset to any landscape, encouraging customers to the premises.

Allowing the grass to grow too tall or letting debris accumulate on top of the soil inhibits growth by blocking sunlight and air from reaching the grass. That’s why you should invest in battery-powered grass cutters and other landscaping equipment that can help avoid weeding problems or pest infestations.

2. Trim trees and bushes regularly

It’s essential to keep trees and bushes tidy because tall grass or weeds beneath them can hinder their growth. You should also remove dead branches, leaves, and other plant materials that may pose fire hazards. If you don’t, these materials will eventually keep the soil’s nutrients from getting to the plant.

Trimmed trees and bushes can make your commercial space look more appealing, which can then encourage customers to buy from you. This is because unruly and overgrown plants can create an unkempt appearance that makes your property look abandoned. So, it’s important to prune them regularly.

3. Get ahead of pesky invaders through frequent weeding

Weeding can be tedious, but it’s an essential part of landscaping maintenance. Weeds are common invaders because they quickly germinate and reproduce to take over other plants’ space. They also rob the soil’s nutrients from other plants, which makes it harder for them to thrive.


That’s why you have to keep up with weeding because these can make your business’s exteriors look unsightly to passersby, which can discourage them from learning more about your products and services. Plus, weeds can often serve as harbingers of pest infestation, bringing about expensive repairs to any building.

4. Inspect your property for any signs of damages

Aside from looking rundown, an overgrown lawn can also cause damage to your building’s foundation. This is because tall grass or weeds tend to grow beneath the soil until it reaches the earth underneath the building. When these plants’ tops are cut down or burned, they decompose, which can produce enough pressure over time to crack the foundation.

So, you should regularly check for and repair any damages to your building’s foundation before they get worse. You can do this by propping up the soil beneath your building with rocks or boards so that it takes the weight off of important support beams and foundations.

5. Create a sustainable landscape plan for your business

You should create a sustainable landscape plan that’s perfect for your business. This can help you avoid unnecessary expenses in the future, which is why it’s essential to make sure the plants and trees you choose will thrive within your geographical location.

To do this, consider planting native species of plants and trees because they tend to be more tolerant to weather conditions, pests, and diseases. Native plants are also easier to maintain because they don’t require as much water or nutrients as non-native ones.

This will help you save money for repairs by preventing pest infestations and ensuring that your plantings will last longer than expected. And if you wish to introduce new types of plants alongside the natives, you should prioritize those that are native to other areas with similar climates to your own. Otherwise, these plants will have a hard time thriving in a climate they aren’t familiar with.

So if you need lawn maintenance tips to boost the appeal of your commercial business’ landscape, then try following these suggestions to keep your property looking beautiful and healthy all year round.

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