Irrigation and Sprinkler Services for Commercial Use

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Water is very important in ensuring that grass, plants, crops and grounds in the area are in their best condition. For large estates and lawns, maintenance is best done through irrigation and sprinkler installation services. Workers cannot be expected to fetch water from remote locations to maintain a garden of this size. It requires more people to work, more resources, and possible wastage. What these companies need is a reliable irrigation system for their property. This can be made up of pipes, hoses, sprinkler systems and timers.

Commercial properties, industrial operations, and agricultural companies contract this kind of work to commercial landscaping companies offering irrigation and sprinkler installation services.

What is an Irrigation System?

An irrigation system carries water from a faraway source to areas where it is needed. This system has been utilized by ancient civilizations to propagate and cultivate land where water was hard to access or scarce. At present, landscaping services work to apply different irrigation systems to water not only farmlands but also gardens, parks, and green spaces. It does more than just carry water directly to the area, but also helps consume less water and protect the soil.

Underground Irrigation Systems

Irrigation water may come from underground sources such as deep wells or from rivers and ponds. Depending on what needs to be irrigated, drainage water and treated waste-water may also be considered for use. Even rainwater can be stored in a reservoir and later used to water farms, orchards, or gardens.

Most irrigation systems in homes and commercial areas get water from underground sources. A series of underground pipes bring water to areas that need it. This type of irrigation works well for commercial areas, hotels, and entertainment venues like concert halls or opera houses. It keeps the grounds clean and well-watered without exposed pipes visible to guests.

The only disadvantage of an underground irrigation system is that it may require extra effort and expertise to conduct maintenance work. A network of pipes underground is more difficult to repair and maintain compared to pipes located above ground.

Automated Sprinkler Systems

automated sprinkler system

The sprinkler system is another type of irrigation that can be used for both home and commercial settings. It is common in home systems and is piped underground with heads that may either be stationary or retracts back to the ground. For commercial settings, this is utilized in golf courses, parks, and other grand estates with a vast expanse of lawns and gardens. Some setups come with sprinklers in wheeled platforms for easy access and mobility. This system eases the burden on the garden or grounds maintenance crew who are tasked with keeping the grass lush and green.

Irrigation systems offer plenty of benefits to public grounds and commercial establishments. The plants, gardens, and lawns are kept in their best condition while pipe networks and water sources are carefully planned and laid out. This way there will be no unsightly pipe connections above ground which may also cause accidents and injuries to visitors and clients.

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