Proven Link Building Strategies for Small Brands

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The essence of link building for your off-page SEO cannot be overemphasized. The backlinks to your site are used by search engines to judge your site’s credibility, popularity, and quality. Most marketers have been going through millions of online articles on link building to get their sites the coveted top search engine position. However, most businesses do not realize that not all backlinks will boost their search engine position and end up wasting considerable monetary and time investments on the wrong link building strategies.

The first element that experts in SEO services in Raleigh, North Carolina will consider to guarantee that your link building efforts pay off is the size and popularity of your brand. The outreach campaigns you will employ for a small brand are different from those of a renowned brand since your objectives are different. For one, a small brand should lean toward a leadership nature for its link acquisition. This is because very few people know you and will care to align themselves with you. Your first step is identifying the niche market you want to cater to and then aligning your link building strategies for this market. The following are the link building strategies that will boost your small brand’s popularity online:


These receive a ton of shares on various social media platforms nowadays and provide a powerful backlink to your site. You will first come up with a list of the topics you think your audience will be interested in and then pick the best ones to focus on in your podcast. Alternatively, you can ask for ideas from your social media followers on what topics they want you to focus on to make them feel like a part of your brand.

Editorial Content

Although the process of harnessing backlinks from guest blogging or editorial content is a long one, it generates high-quality organic links. Start with small sites in your niche and work your way up as you set yourself as your niche’s thought leader. Rather than using the skyscraping technique that says, “Link on my article that is better than the one I wrote yesterday,” opt for the feedback technique. This says, “Look at my amazing article then give me your feedback.”

Co-marketing Initiatives

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This strategy involves linking with companies within your business’ sphere of influence. You can pitch an online co-marketing initiative with them in the form of webinars, blog posts, online guides, and whitepapers. The best companies for your co-marketing initiatives are not necessarily the biggest players in your niche but rather any with an online following.

Local PR Initiatives

Your local market might be the biggest backlinking source for your site. Engage in and sponsor local activities to increase your brand’s visibility. You can also write for local publications on various issues relevant to the community.

Small brands often employ tactics meant for established brands in their SEO and fail miserably. These strategies designed for SEO for small brands will boost not only your website’s search engine position but also your brand’s popularity. This guarantees that your business remains in operation past the one year within which most small brands nowadays are edged out of business by big brands in their niche.

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