Is Your Project Ready for Deployment?

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Your team has been working hard on a project that’s nearing its completion, and that final stretch has got you counting the days until it can go live. You want everyone’s positive feedback on your latest development. You’ve got full confidence that it will perform as expected.

However, any developer has probably dealt with an unpredictable scenario at least once in their work life. No matter how much you think about potential problems before they come up, you can never preemptively solve every single one without knowing how the project behaves in real time.

Before your project can be ready for deployment, do the following:

Check Your Objectives

There is a reason you created that product or service. Maybe you wanted to address a problem or offer a more efficient way to accomplish specific tasks. Whatever your aim is, you’ll want to make sure the version you launch addresses your objectives. You may need some help in identifying the usefulness of your system, and that can easily be done through ServiceNow implementation services. Your notes on the project will also help.

As the team lead, you know the system, where it will be used, and how it will be used. Communicate these parameters well with the provider of implementation services so they can check all crucial areas.

Test Your Security

cyber security

No one wants to think about their newly launched product being compromised, but this is something you cannot ignore. A lot of hard work went into the development of that product. You do not want to waste all that effort by launching a product that cannot secure information or hold up to even the most basic cyber attack. For solutions that deal with crucial information, you may need a certain level of permission for it to perform as expected.

Part of testing the security of your system is tracking how those permissions can be exploited or how much damage they can cause, and identifying potential attacks to the overarching system. You’ve invested a great deal of time, effort, and money into this project; the last thing you want is to have to cancel it because of all the security issues it presents.

Identify Performance Issues

Your solution may be ready for deployment because it is secured on all fronts, but can it handle the load that it will face once it’s live? There is no way to tell how much load it will be subjected to, but you can have a good estimate depending on its popularity or the kind of clients that will use it. If it cannot handle even the normal load, it might behave in unpredictable manners when overloaded. Even worse, it may not work at all, and that would be embarrassing to explain to your clients after you’ve hyped them up about launch day.

Your checklist of crucial tasks to do before implementation should include load testing and load simulation, to identify performance issues before you allow everyone access.

You can rest easy knowing you’re near the end of the project creation, but don’t relax your guard just yet. There are still several things to check and finetune before your project can be launched with good results.

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