Searching for Marketing Ideas? Look Around You

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Where do ideas come from? No one comes up with great marketing ideas without being influenced by someone or something. So, when you feel stuck, just go out and look around. The next marketing idea might just be around the corner.

Feeling lost? Here are some places to start looking.

The Facebook Wall

Technically, this is not a geographical location, but the contents of your wall may be from people who are in Denver just like you. That means their posts, pains and ideas are relevant to you.

What do they talk about? What are they interested in? Take a quick look at the problems they all seem to have and figure out a way to present your product as a solution. If they complain about the lack of workspaces for freelancers, for instance, focus on local search marketing for your Denver business—a cafe, for example—and make it known as a laidback destination for those who need to get some work done.

The Neighborhood Coffee Shop

Ideas abound where the creative people go, and they usually go to coffee shops for their caffeine fix. Whether they’re rushing in and out to get their morning drink or taking a coffee break in the afternoon, they can be your source of ideas. The best part about this is you might encounter different people every time, giving you a broader look into the market’s needs.

Do they complain about how stressed they are at work? Your vacation planning business can drop a guide that specifically targets employees nearing burnout. Do they seem to carry around so many things? Give them a way to avoid coffee spills by pointing them to the direction of your large-capacity handbags. Your next brainstorming meeting with your marketing agency will turn up creative ideas once you’ve observed real-world scenarios.

Bus Stops

people waiting at bus stops

On your way home from work, you may pass by stops in Denver that are brimming with people too tired to talk to each other and eager to go home to decompress. It sounds like they don’t have time to find friends or hang out. Now, isn’t that perfect for your dating app’s new web copy? When customers read your content and see themselves in your target audience, it will be easier for them to imagine themselves using the product.

Having the chance to observe them as they go through the end of their day will give you an idea of where to focus your efforts and even where to improve your product. That dating app can focus on prospects who are working in the same industry to give them common ground, or it could be the opposite to widen their horizons.

Your Friend Group

Ideas don’t have to come from strangers. When you’re feeling stuck, perhaps it’s time to go out, meet your friends and have fun. You’re not running away from your responsibilities; you’re simply letting the city inspire you. And your friends may have some suggestions, too.

Lay down the problem you’re having and listen to their suggestions. When you’re out with friends, everything is meant to be informal and casual, and sure, this may prompt them to throw silly ideas your way. But what’s a creative marketing plan without a sprinkling of fun? Just make sure you credit their ideas if they came up with it for you.

No man is an island, people always say. When you’re thinking of the latest marketing pitch for your products, being around people might just be what you need.

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