Knowing What to Do: Training Your Employees to Improve Data Security

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When people talk about better data security, they often think about technical solutions. But if you want to protect your company from data breaches, the best way to do so is through a human solution. Many cybersecurity companies recommend that you do employee training besides using their products. They are aware that people are the weakest link when it comes to security.   Here are some tips that can help you when it comes to proper employee training:

Be Aware That This is Not a One-Time Thing

The big mistake that many companies make is that they think the training will happen only once. Be aware that your employees need regular retraining and updates to their knowledge. This is because of the evolving nature of the threat. Security dangers pop-up every day and you may want to give your people an update on their training every few months.

Additionally, you will want to have a course for every new employee that you get. This ensures that you have no holes in your employee knowledge.


Have the Entire Company Involved

When you are training your employees, you need to have the entire company participating. This means you need to meet with your top people and have them go along with the security training. This means no exemptions to the training process and the security updates. They may think that this is another responsibility for their people to handle, but with how connected the company’s various divisions are this is necessary. All it takes is one careless person, even in the most ignored department, and your company can experience a data breach.

Implement Regular Evaluations

You want to be sure that your people are taking the training to heart. If you are having them undergo training, then they should be getting evaluations on their cyber security skills, too. Don’t limit it to how good your people are either. Evaluate current security operations so that you can identify whether your business is ready for any security threat. If they do detect any shortcomings or holes in your security, then you will have the chance to close them before anything bad happens to your business.

Hire the Right Trainers

Another thing to consider when it comes to training is that you have to hire the right people to do the training. Don’t get just anyone. You want someone who will be familiar with your industry and help ensure that your employees know the dangers that they are facing. For example, if you work in the foodservice industry, then your security trainer should know all the potential vulnerabilities that your company can face.

The trainer should then focus on ensuring that your employees know them and how to reduce the risks that they cause. If you have security software, then they should also train your people to handle them properly.

When your employees are aware of the various threats out there, they will be able to respond better. No more random clicks on email attachments or being careless about their passwords. When these are combined with other security efforts, you can expect a more secure business.

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