Ski 101: How to Teach Your Toddler to Ski

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Skiing is a wonderful hobby for any individual regardless of age. So, it’s all right if your little ones already want to start learning how to ski. You can even teach them the basics if you like. But before that, here are a few pointers you should know.

Get them used to the gear

You should all be dressed warmly for skiing. Find Spyder kids ski pants, as well as jackets, to keep them warm, comfortable, and well ventilated at all times. These will also allow them to be flexible enough to move around with ease.

Kids should also learn how to put on their gear properly. Help them put on their clothes, boots, and skis while teaching them each step. Later, let them put on their gear by themselves.

Aside from having the proper gear, children should also learn to move around with all the clothes they are wearing. So, on their first day of skiing, your toddlers don’t necessarily need to put on the skis yet. Rather, they have to feel comfortable moving around with all those layers of clothes. Train them to move their limbs, bend their knees, and put their weight on one foot and the other while wearing all of their ski clothes.

Let them learn in their own time

Your children learning how to ski will take some time, and it’s important that they know you’re not pressuring them to learn. Kids easily get turned off by what they are doing when it stops to be enjoyable.

If you push your little ones to learn to ski too quickly, then they could lose interest in it and give up immediately. Be patient with your kids, and let them learn on their own.

Always be at their side when you’re teaching them how to walk, and provide some comic relief when they fall down. This will let them know that falling is part of the fun in skiing.

Concentrate on turning

Turning is one of the most essential skills in skiing. It encompasses 90% of skiing, and it helps skiers to control their speed. So, allot a huge amount of time to teaching your children how to turn.

Lay down the rules

Mother teaching her son to ski

Most importantly, your children need to learn the rules in skiing, such as what the signs mean and what to look out for. Teach your kids the different ski signs in a slope, so that they will know which slopes are good for a beginner and which ones are more appropriate for expert skiers.

Teach them the right of way too, because some accidents happen when a skier doesn’t know to give way to another skier. Your toddlers need to understand that if another skier passes them by downhill, that skier has the right of way. So, they should avoid that skier and put some distance between them to prevent collisions.

Skiing is a fun experience for the whole family, and your toddlers can learn as long as you take the time to teach them. Be patient and let your kids know that teaching them to ski is an enjoyable experience for you, too.

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