Startup Success: Essential Things Digital Startup Companies Forget Should Do

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Digital startup companies initially start with high costs and limited revenue, which is usually why most of them invest directly into their products. Many of these companies expect that by investing directly in what they do best, they can get enough revenue to pay for the initial costs and break even. However, it’s a big gamble to do this aggressive strategy.

Additionally, forgetting fundamental requirements for every digital startup company, such as your website’s safety, can lead to disastrous consequences. Here are some essential things that you can do that most digital startups forget.


The internet is filled with many websites. There are about 1.8 billion websites online on the internet right now, with some of them being websites for companies all over the world. Interestingly enough, this is also why many startups don’t invest in the safety of their websites. They think that since the internet is such a big place, there is a low possibility that hackers, malware, or ransomware would target them. Some may even forget that safety is an essential investment when starting a digital company. This is wrong.

Safety is essential for any starting digital company. It can be even the most essential, considering the hostile nature of the internet nowadays. Millions of data are breached every day, and there will come a time when it will be your company, or your clients’ data will be out there for everyone to see. This will have devastating consequences for your company, and it will lead to many not trusting in your services anymore. Safety is a priority, and you don’t even need the most expensive protection to secure your site.

Look for web-hosting sites that use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). These can be more expensive than other web-hosting sites that don’t offer it, but it’s well worth its asking price. HTTPS can help you secure your site from data breaches, and it is your first line of defense against hackers. Additionally, HTTPS is great when you’re a digital company that’s reliant on transferring online files.

It’s also good if you have an online store embedded on your website. Other ways you can enhance the protection of your website are through security plug-ins (there’s a lot of free ones out there, and they’re good to use) and using a Content Secure Policy (CSP) on top of your HTTPS. If push comes to shove, you can always hire ethical hackers to test your network’s penetration level to see the vulnerabilities of your website in real-time.

Cloud Services

In line with the safety investments, we mentioned above are cloud services. Cloud services are a great tool against potential attacks on your website, but aside from that, they are good with storing and managing your files as well.

If your company relies on using internet files such as Google Sheets or Office 365, a backup solution is recommended. These applications are usually vulnerable to attacks and losing viable files due to more updated versions. The saddest part about this is that there are some instances where you won’t even be notified when you lose such files, and chances are there aren’t any ways to retrieve them. Cloud services are great in this particular situation because they auto-backup your files, meaning you can access changes to your files in real-time.

Additionally, if you lose a file, you can have a recently changed one right around the corner and ready to be accessed. Cloud services can save your start-up company from a lot of hassle. It can increase both productivity and safety at the same time so consider investing your money in it.

marketing plan

Online Marketing

A lot of startup companies rely on the power of free social media advertising. This means they rely on the posts they make on their social media sites and expect that they can have a reach big enough to get potential clients. However, many startup companies are doing the same thing. There are millions of posts that happen every day on famous social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so chances are, most of these posts are ineffective in marketing.

As a startup company, you will be relying on online marketing to get potential clients because, unlike traditional marketing, online marketing is cheaper. Leverage various advertisement services such as Google ads or Facebook Business to get yourself on the map. These services offer a low price for their services. They come with statistical analysis as well, which can help you identify which ads are effective. Moreover, unlike simple posts, these services can be seen by many internet users around the world. This can extend your reach well-beyond the state you start in.

These are some essential things that many startup companies forget to do. Investing most of your funds in your product may get you revenues, but it isn’t going to be consistent. As a startup company, your goal is to get a consistent revenue stream, and investing in these things will do exactly that. It’s great if you want to be a distinguishable startup business with many return clients looking for more of your services.

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