Types of WordPress Themes

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The ultimate goal of a website is to get as many people as you can to visit it, whether you want to promote and sell your products and services, or inform and entertain your visitors. There exist many methods of getting traffic to your site, but the most efficient one remains: search engine optimization (SEO).

This strategy encompasses different techniques that help your web pages rank high on search engine result pages. This way, your website is visible to your target audience, helping you achieve your objectives.

One of the methods that Virginia-based experts offering SEO services will recommend to boost the success of a WordPress website is picking the right theme. The theme you select determines the layout and appearance of your site and affects its functionality.

All these elements play a pivotal role in your site’s SEO. The following are your website’s WordPress theme options.

Basic Theme

This is the simplest theme and suffices for websites with three to four simple pages. This includes a homepage that contains multiple sections and sidebars that create a functional and elegant web design. Basic WordPress themes are free, and they are easy to install and use.

There are many of these themes online. However, before you pick one, ensure its support is active, and it is well-maintained by its developer.

Premium Theme

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You have to pay for this theme, but the price you pay will get you regular updates and support from its developer. There are many premium theme brands available in different online markets. The standard feature in all of them is that they are multipurpose.

Premium themes, therefore, make a perfect fit for people looking for many features on a tight budget. They are, however, complex and locked in, which means you cannot change any of their features.

Child Theme

Some premium themes give you the freedom to tweak some of their features to suit your needs. Unfortunately, if there is a new edition of your WordPress theme, WordPress will automatically download it and replace the one you are using. Thus, all your modifications will be lost.

To prevent this from happening, WordPress has child themes. These allow you to create new themes with your changes that rely on the parent premium theme. As such, your changes will be safe when WordPress overwrites your parent theme.

Custom Theme

This is the best choice for unique website types and online stores. A web designer will specifically design it for your site. It offers flexibility to suit each of your business’ individual needs and has an enhanced security level.

Though more costly compared to other options, the exact cost of a custom WordPress theme depends on the number of your custom graphics. If you have more graphics, then the custom theme will be generally expensive.

Choosing a suitable WordPress theme for your website takes more than just evaluating your budget and picking one that fits the bill. There are different elements an expert will examine on your site and its corresponding content before recommending the best.

As such, getting an SEO expert with expertise in WordPress is the best choice to get a theme that works for your business.

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