How Can You Use In-game Advertising to Grow Your Business?

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Gaming has become an essential hobby among Americans because of the pandemic. It’s something that can alleviate people’s boredom while they are stuck at home. However, marketers have struggled to gain this particular demographic, until quite recently, through in-game advertisements.

There is a growing number of gamers in the US. There are about 177 million gamers (about half of the population) in the country, and this number is projected to grow even higher in the coming years. This is a considerable number of people who can be easily reached through in-game ads.

If you want to grow your business through created and diverse marketing strategies, you should consider in-game advertisements as part of this year’s marketing strategies. Let the success of Wendy’s “Keep Fortnite Fresh” show you what in-game ads can do.

Wendy’s In-game Ad

Wendy’s has been rut, especially in the digital advertisement sector. They didn’t have the same audience and reach as other fast-food chains. On the contrary, McDonald’s has gained many followers in the last few years with little to no effort. Wendy’s needed to do something drastic and creative, and out of this desperation, they were able to start one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the last decade.

The fast-food chain decided to partner with Fortnite, one of the biggest games of the current generation. The game has a monthly active player base of 80 million in 2020, and this number continues to grow. When Wendy’s released its campaign in 2019, it had access to more than 70 million players. Its digital presence increased by a staggering 114%, reaching millions of people worldwide. No other campaign was successful, and it converted many players into loyal Wendy’s fans.

This shows what in-game ads are capable of, and by harnessing this power, you can reach audiences you haven’t reached before.

In-game Advertising Brings Loyal Fans

In-game ads can bring loyal fans into your business. It’s a way to connect with gamers in a way they can understand. It’s a kind gesture akin to hanging out with friends at work. Not a lot of other marketing strategies can do the same. That’s what makes in-game ads so good. They can reach a target audience’s heart in mere minutes. However, in-game ads come with a huge caveat, and they are quite expensive.

Expensive Form of Marketing

An in-game ad can cause about $10,000, depending on the game. The bigger the game, the more expensive the ad can be. This means that a single marketing campaign revolving around this strategy can cost businesses around $100,000, with big shot games such as League of Legends asking for upwards of $1 million. A good and cheaper tactic is to produce an eSport team or sponsor one. Many companies are doing this because of its good returns.

If you’re a small business, you can’t afford this kind of money, but it’s a worthwhile risk to take if you do have the funds for it. If not, then consider these marketing alternatives.

Alternatives to In-game Advertising

  • Telemarketing

Another form of mass advertising that can help your company gain the necessary audience but at a fraction of the price of in-game advertisements is telemarketing. There are many outbound telemarketing services willing to do your marketing for you. They’re great at generating leads, given that your product is well-established. If you want to improve the effects of telemarketing, then you should consider combining it with email marketing.

  • Email Marketing
    man in corporate sending email to many people using a single button

Email marketing has become a staple digital marketing strategy for many big companies out there. It’s a form of advertisement that’s subtle. Many good email marketing strategies look like mere reminders to people who read them without knowing they’re invoking a call for action among consumers. Much like telemarketing, email marketing can help you generate leads in no time, especially if you combine it with newsletters.

  • Newsletters

Newsletters are significant updates for your audience, especially if you do it every month. It’s a great tool to update people interested in your company’s progress. It’s also good to write newsletters when something significant has happened. Newsletters are a great way to connect with your audience in a more intimate and informative manner.

Combining these marketing strategies is a great alternative and a much cheaper option than an in-game ad. So feel free to utilize these options if you’re under budget.

In-game ads are an excellent option for those who want to tap into a billion-dollar industry with millions of users. However, alternative marketing solutions might be better for you instead because it’s expensive. Take time to analyze your current situation and fit the appropriate marketing option for your company.

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