Why Gardening Is Encouraged During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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For some people, gardening has been a daily part of their lives. But for others, this is a brand-new territory that causes both excitement and anxiety. No matter your experience, gardening will always be a great hobby to tackle.

Now, more than ever, more people are learning to appreciate what gardening has to offer. Thanks to the current world health crisis, going out to buy essentials and mass gatherings can already be a health threat. The good news is that by turning to gardening, one can enjoy more than just the usual health benefits.

How gardening helps children cope with the pandemic

Children have lots of energy to burn each day. Scientists discovered that kids’ energy levels could be compared to well-trained endurance athletes. Sad to say, consistent use of electronics and keeping them cooped up indoors doesn’t help them positively make use of their energy. By encouraging children to participate in gardening activities, we get to lessen their stress, ease their boredom, and help them better cope with the stay at home orders.

Gardening is a safe activity kids can participate in that also aids in boosting learning. They get to learn how to take care of plants and learn to appreciate and respect nature in general. Younger kids can learn math skills and life skills, know the various ways of planting different plants and trees, and know why mulch is crucial for tree health, for example.

Gardening helps you gain a sense of security and community

One great thing about gardening is its ability to help people experience a sense of security and community. Being able to grow something and even share the fruit of your labor with your family, loved ones, and neighbors can be such a fulfilling task. If before there was no way for you to grow your own fruit or vegetable, now, you enjoy picking and harvesting your own produce at the comforts of your home.

woman gardening outside

Gardening also serves as a way to build a stronger feeling of community. You may be one who participates and takes advantage of a local community garden before. But ever since the pandemic broke out, such a public place may no longer be safe to visit. The good news is that such a hobby can be done with your loved ones right at your backyard. You can use this as an excuse to spend quality time with family in your outdoor yard.

It helps boost one’s confidence, self-esteem, and body image

It may seem unlikely. But a new study claims that allotment gardening can actually help improve how one appreciates their body, self-esteem, and even their confidence. The study was conducted with 84 participants. With all the social distancing and isolation that we have to follow due to the current pandemic, gardening proves to be an excellent way to take better care of ourselves. This can help keep both minds and bodies active and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Gardening can indeed be a challenging activity. But since more people have more time to do something more productive back home, this can be a great alternative. You can use this activity to engage with kids, spend more time with the family, and even improve how you feel about yourself.

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