Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

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As of late, it has become easier to put in place a management workflow that incorporates all aspects of the job as seamlessly as possible. That is thanks in large part to available technology that streamlines organizational functions without compromising efficiency and growth. For example, the ServiceNow software boasts a host of benefits, including the digitalization of workflows for faster and more reliable completion.

Through an expert ServiceNow implementation, you rest assured of applied strategies staying aligned with your business's vision. This opportunity allows you to have more flexibility in carrying out the bulk of your job as the head of an organization. It also affords you the flexibility in terms of the nature of the workforce you choose to let on board.

With a digitalized workflow in place, you will have the option of transitioning from hiring full-time employees to virtual assistants. Here's why this transition is beneficial to your business.


Virtual assistants accomplish different tasks for their clients. The nature of their job will depend on what you agree on upon recruitment. The usual tasks performed by VAs include administrative work like data entry and accounting. There are virtual assistants skilled in creative tasks like writing and video editing too. Like full-time assistants, you can also ask your virtual assistant to set up meetings, book flights, and do other menial tasks on your behalf.

With those duties out of the way, you and your managers can focus on the jobs that really matter. For example, coming up with a marketing plan that will finally get your products noticed.


Virtual assistants are often paid on an hourly basis. You do not have to provide them the same benefits as full-time employees. That means less investment on your end. And that's just the tip of the savings iceberg you're bound to willingly crash against.

Virtual assistants work from home. They pay for their own internet connection. They buy the equipment they need to do their job. No, you do not have to furnish your VA with a new laptop. As independent contractors, VAs are responsible for procuring the essentials for their client servicing job.


With the savings you make from hiring Virtual assistants, you will have enough funds to funnel into product development. The time you save from no longer handling tasks that can be delegated can zero in on more crucial aspects of the business.

Thinking of expanding your product mix? Get back to the drawing board and stay there until you come up with a brilliant idea alongside your pool of managers. You can all take comfort in the fact that the organizations functioning just right with the help of the VAs you've hired.


Suppose you have an e-commerce business that caters to clients from all over the world, and you need customer service 24/7. Hiring virtual assistants from different places instead of full-time employees limited to a specific geographical location affords you flexibility. You can deliver real-time responses to your customers with VAs strategically placed in all corners of the globe.

The same goes for dealing with suppliers from different countries. Time zones will no longer limit you because you have a VA that shares a supplier's timezone. So should you assemble a pool of virtual assistants, make sure to spread them out strategically.

Burnout prevention

One downfall of leaders and managers is biting more than they can chew. No matter how talented or skillful you are, you need help. You only have 24 hours in a day and two hands to boot. If you keep doing everything by yourself, you are at a higher risk of experiencing burnout. And that is an outcome you should not entertain and prevent at all costs. With a virtual assistant doing stuff for you, you need not be stressed out by tasks that, in the greater scheme of your business endeavor, proves more inconsequential than others.


As of June last year, 42 percent of the United States' labor force worked from home. That figure covers an array of job designations, including virtual assistants. Here what you have is a chance to tap a huge supply of workers willing to render their services to you without the usual strings attached.

All you need to do is hire right. Now even that job is something you can outsource to reliable partners. Yes, making this transition will not take too much of your time or resources. So please consider it with the utmost earnestness.

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