Organizing Company Outings for Your Employees

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Company outings are one of the things that many employees look forward to while working. Most workers find this a therapeutic activity that lets them take a break from their regular working lives. Many companies organize these activities a few times a year because of the many benefits they can give to their business.

First of all, it lets employees rest. Giving them their well-deserved break is another kind of reward that can encourage them to work harder, so, in a way, it can boost employee productivity. If you include yourself in the outing, you also get a nice break from your usual management role.

Second, it lets them bond and mingle with each other, which they cannot freely do while in the workplace. Being able to do so while enjoying themselves in fun activities can make them more open to each other, which will eventually translate into better teamwork while doing their jobs.

Lastly, it is just a fun way to motivate everyone who may feel too overworked in your company. Here are some activities that you can organize for the teams in your company.


Bowling can be a nostalgic activity for everyone. It is a fun escape from work that can be organized even when there’s nothing to celebrate. This is also very wholesome as your workers will get to bond over food and drinks while waiting their turn. Bowling is one of the more inexpensive activities you can organize as frequently as you want, especially during the weekends, without investing much time and funds to have fun.


Skiing can be fun for employees during wintertime. Instead of letting them work away while cooped up in the workplace, they may benefit more from expending energy on skiing down an icy slope. You can hire a professional to teach the beginners the basis of skiing. This will focus on their safety, as well as balancing themselves on the skis.

During this pandemic, renting ski equipment is a good option as ski rental shops will disinfect all rental items before letting the next customer use them. But employees can opt to bring their own equipment or even buy them online, especially headgear like the Giro ski helmet for better protection while in the great snowy outdoors.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming a popular choice for company activities. Escape rooms can be found in most urban areas and can be booked ahead of time to be enjoyed by everyone. This kind of activity also offers many benefits that promote communication, trust, critical thinking, and teamwork for any group that participates.

It can also be a kind of exercise that requires some physical activity depending on the theme of the escape room. Find the closest escape room and get your employees to think of strategies to get out of a locked room within a set time limit.


If you think your employees need some time in the wilderness, camping may be the answer. Camping can put everyone’s perspective in the right place. Being away from the usual rush of the city, you and your employees will get to enjoy being out in nature while mingling with each other. Other related activities like hiking and fishing can also be done if you can fund them.


If you want a no-pressure activity that will let your employees socialize with each other, organizing a karaoke party may do the job. Doing karaoke can let your employees know more about each other’s tastes, humor, and preferences that can help them work better as a team.

This is better than just talking about mundane things like the weather or the more destructive workplace gossip. So start letting them bond over music which almost everyone loves. Just try to manage the flow of alcohol if it is involved in the activity. This can lead to troublesome situations that can be more destructive than beneficial for your company.

These activities can give your company a needed boost if your employees feel generally unmotivated in their tasks. These should help them recover from a monotonous work schedule and make them feel like they are part of a team and a family.

No matter what activity you choose to organize, you will reap plenty of benefits in the long run. Just remember to continue upholding pandemic protocols that will keep everyone safe while having fun outside. After having these events, you will surely see results as your employees will find a renewed motivation to work with each other.

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