Exercises to Keep You Moving at Work

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A sedentary lifestyle at work only brings more misery. You can develop heart disease, diabetes, and cancer if you keep sitting for entire days in your work week. To combat this, you can obtain a height-adjustable desk to help you stand up when you have been sitting too long. With such a desk, you can also perform several exercises that will keep your blood flowing and your body active.

Change Your Desk

Sitting too long has been linked to increased risk of heart disease and other health problems. No matter what age you are, you want to stay healthy, and you can do so by simply changing how you work. You can start by acquiring a height-adjustable desk and setting up alarms. The alarms will remind you to stand up. You can change the desk height accordingly so that you can keep on working.

Add Some Exercises: Standing

Once you regularly interrupt your sitting time with standing, you can incorporate exercises into your routine. Simple stretching can do wonders for your body, for example. You can do several stretches while standing up.

For lower back relief, place both hands on your hips and bend your pelvis forward, arching your back. You can also turn side to side for further comfort. For neck relief, twist your neck to one side until you feel resistance. Repeat on the other side. For wrist and forearm relief, straighten your arm in front of you and pull your fingers toward you. Repeat for your other arm.

For shoulder pain, put your hands together, interlocking the fingers, and straighten your arms. Lift your hands above your head until you feel resistance in your shoulder area. Finally, when your feet hurt, hold on to your desk. Lift your heels off the ground until you feel your feet stretch. Do all of these exercises after about 30 minutes of standing to keep your blood flowing.

Add Some Exercises: Sitting

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Once you have started to feel strain in your legs that stretches won’t relieve, you can sit back down, and in your chair, you can do exercises too. Chair yoga, for example, can help you relax and soothe aching muscles. First, inhale and raise your arms. Relax your shoulder blades, as your hands reach upwards. Next, place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand to the back of your chair. Stretch for 60 seconds, and do the same for your other side.

Bottom Line: Move

You can do so many other exercises standing up or sitting down. Regardless of the activities you pick, the bottom line is to keep your body moving. Movement keeps your body active and heart pumping. An active body then translates to a stronger immune system, which protects you from sickness. So long as you keep moving, you will be able to continue working for months without going sick.

Prolonged sitting or standing can wreck your body without you realizing it. To change your fate, a simple desk change can transform your mental perspective too. In turn, you start exercising to enhance blood circulation. In time, you will see drastic changes in your work ethic and overall health that will encourage you to move even more.

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