Home Design 101: Fundamental Interior Design Rules to Know About

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When you are giving your abode a makeover, you may find that translating all those ideas in your head isn’t that easy. Lots of homeowners know what they don’t like and what they want but are just stuck because they don’t know where they should begin.

Don’t fret, these essential interior design rules for your Utah home will steer you in the right path and embolden you to design the best way possible.

Create a Solid Plan

Advanced prep is key to any successful interior design project. Before buying things, formulate a plan that describes explicitly how everything should look and go. This is infinitely better than designing as you go.

You will have sufficient clarity and time to carefully take into account all your choices and make thoroughly thought-out decisions. Winging will also add that undue element of stress and pressure, and if a part of the project is already in the works, you might be needlessly limiting your choices.

With this in mind, consider every little thing starting with your layout, electrics, storage, plumbing, and color palettes, to furnishings and accessories. This way, you will have a crystal clear idea of the finished project.

Build Layers, But Refrain from Over-Designing

While the definition of “overdesigned” will greatly depend on your personal preferences, resist the temptation to make every single idea in your head a possibility. Think about the specific space you’re designing in terms of what kind of layers you can build.

Consider color, fabrics, patterns, lighting, artwork, furnishings, surface treatments, etc., and incorporate what you love instead of of-the-moment design trends. Remember, individual style trumps trends – always.

Embrace Your Space

living room interior

When you’re searching for design inspiration, it’s very easy to be swayed into thinking that other people’s interiors are better than what you’re imagining. Likewise, elements in your space like natural light or lack thereof, its size and shape, structural elements, and architectural features could all restrict your plans.

If this sounds familiar, assess your space and figure out all the things you love about it, so you focus on highlighting those instead of getting hung up on things you can’t change. Furthermore, when scanning your collection of inspiration images, figure out specific things you really love in the image.

Perhaps it’s the feel of the space, the color scheme, or the various textures. Once you have pinpointed these features, you could then think about how you can incorporate them in a manner that will work beautifully with the space.

Trust Your Instincts

With boundless sources of inspiration and advice, you will find yourself doubting your choices as your project unfolds. You will see come across many interior design rules and tricks that will confuse you and make you want to change things up.

But if you have thought everything through and are certain that your plan will work, have confidence in yourself, trust your gut, and follow your instincts.

Designing your abode could be tricky and overwhelming, yes, and there’s a ton of DOs and DON’Ts to consider. But stick to the essentials, get creative, trust yourself, and you’ll do fine.

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