5 Simple Steps to a More Productive Workspace

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It’s natural to feel lethargic in the middle of a workday, but do you know what causes it? It’s no secret that an optimal workspace is a key to boosting productivity, and making minor tweaks in your office space can significantly impact employee motivation.

This article will explore the most common causes of workplace fatigue and how you can utilize small changes in your office space to help you stay productive throughout the day.

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Poor ventilation is arguably one of the biggest causes of workplace fatigue. According to research, increased carbon dioxide levels led to reduced alertness and increased difficulty concentrating. It can result from anything, including sealing issues or substandard roofing.

If you are tired of dealing with ventilation issues, consider switching to polycarbonate. Compared to other alternatives out there, polycarbonate roofs provide a great deal of value for your money. They have a high thermal resistance, which means they can withstand the elements without being damaged. More so, many PVC plastic sheet suppliers offer affordable and cost-effective installation services, so it’s easy to find one that can address your needs.

Proximity to Natural Light

The importance of sunlight cannot be overstated. Research has shown that even moderate exposure can have a tremendous impact on an individual’s mood and energy level.

However, many offices today are designed to have very little exposure to natural light. It’s because most landlords attempt to save money by utilizing cheap construction materials that do not account for the amount of sunlight coming into a workplace.

If you’re at a point where your workspace is not equipped with enough natural light, consider finding an office space that can make up for what you are missing. An adjustable window blinds can help provide more access to the outdoors and help you reap all the benefits of natural sunlight.

Temperature Levels

For many employees, a lack of control over the air conditioning unit is a significant source of stress. It can be challenging to concentrate when your body is working hard to maintain proper temperature levels, and this often results in employees feeling tired and unproductive even before lunchtime.

The best approach for preventing this is to conduct an office energy audit and implement changes that will help you reduce your dependency on outside heating and cooling systems.

Noise Control

It’s also essential to make sure that there is enough noise in the workplace. Research has shown that too much silence often results in employees feeling more disconnected from their work, and it does not bode well for their productivity.

However, if your workplace is too crowded and noisy, it can lead to impaired cognitive performance — even during periods of non-work hours. It’s advised that you implement a more effective office noise control system, so employees don’t have to worry about privacy issues or distract each other.


One of the most common causes of workplace fatigue is boredom. With the right combination of work-life entertainment, you can boost productivity in just about any industry. It includes having a coffee room area where employees can take short breaks and download apps that make it easier to stay connected during off-hours.

An after-work drinks session or a new games room for many organizations can go a long way in creating a more dynamic working environment.


It’s essential to optimize your office space and make room for ergonomic furniture. Physical health and mental health often go hand in hand, and unhealthy individuals suffer from lethargy more than anyone else.

There are plenty of adjustable chairs available on the market today that can help employees maintain a healthy posture even when they’re seated all day. It’s also advised that employers offer employees more opportunities to stand up throughout the day.

Doing so will boost their energy levels and help them maintain better focus and concentration on projects.


Research has shown that various scents like peppermint, lavender, and jasmine can help increase alertness and reduce fatigue. If you’re feeling tired, consider using an essential oil diffuser to provide your employees with a more relaxing atmosphere. With the right scent, you can help them feel more rejuvenated without the need to spend time outdoors.

There are plenty of ways you can take advantage of your office space to boost energy levels during work hours, but you mustn’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Still, there are times when you need to take additional steps to boost your energy levels — especially during the mid-afternoon slump. While we cannot control everything at work, we can always do our best and push forward regardless of what obstacles await us.

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